TechCrunch Mentions Memeoirs : Memeoirs Raises $300K To Turn Facebook Conversations Into A Book

This week, in line with our exciting and massive changes taking place in terms of development and new offerings; TechCrunch (the start-up and technology news site) told the world all about us.

Image courtesy of the Memeoirs' Gallery 2013.

Image courtesy of the Memeoirs’ Gallery 2013.

New startup Memeoirs has secured a $300,000 investment from Pozzoni Group, an Italian printing giant, to create “beautifully bound books” out of Facebook conversations. Other popular social media services will follow. The startup has already had success turning emails pulled from GMail and Hotmail/ into books – hence the move into social media.

Memeoirs emerged from Startup Chile, but most recently went through the programme at the Northern Italian accelerator TechPeaks and Seedcamp Week…….read all about it here.

Interested in learning more about us or would like to cover our story? Visit our Press Section here.

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